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president of the united states. you did not need treatment. let the people go. >> cenk: get it, smoking mad? angellett on the show today. he's a libertarian. plus stand your ground with a twist. >> if he thought that my brother was threatening him he could have rolled up the window and called the cops. >> but the police did not find anything on him. >> cenk: but this time the races are reversed. what happened? only one way to find out. stay right here because no one% else is covering it. see how a republican dude loses it on the florida. >> not the american way! come out here. >> cenk: we've got great video on that. it's go time. >> cenk: so donald trump is off the reservation. he's a runaway train. talking about the birth of this and transcript of that but the rest of the people aren't buying--or are they? they had this to say. >> as the president made clear in this briefing room when it became a ridiculous distraction last year, you know, the american people are concerned about real issues that confronts this nation. they are concerned principally with the fact that we are still not down
the united states or whatever allies you can get together and either iran or russia. so it's a very complicated situation. they have very extensive missile, air-defense systems that can be taken out. so it's unclear if there is a path forward where you make the situation better and not worse. >> listen to what judd is saying it is complicated, but at a certain point you see all of this death, and i would argue is there not a civil war going on there already. >> i agree. i had a really bad feeling this morning when i saw this news. it reminded me of bagdad. in 2009 i was a few blocks away from one of these bombings. they are loud. they kill hundreds of people, and it is bad. and the fact that the government is so unstable that they are no longer able to prevent these attacks from happening, and you can have an attack in the capitol city of syria that does this much damage would suggest they are on the brink of some massive violence. >> yeah. going by what you are saying it is complicated, it's a slippery slope when we go into situations like this. what are the opti
? frustration with regional jihadi groups. he is telling them go attack the united states. i don't want you attacking the government. and they are like yeah yeah. we'll get back to you. it is really interesting. by the way they get a lot of sick days. we'll talk about that later too. you might too if you were a suicide bomber. here is what he said about losing their branding game. he says i plan to release a statement that we are starting a new phase to correct the mistakes we have made and regain a large group who has lost their trust in jihadi. people were starting to say, you know what al-qaeda is not on our side which is a pretty good assumption. and that's what bin laden was mad about. and when you go to somolia, he thought they were to lax. and he said: so interesting internal strife. when you come to the united states and their interpretation of what is going on here? here is an interesting quote: damn that stings. if i was vice president biden, i would be like hey, couldn't we take that one out? god i wonder what they thought of bush. please, please release those. bu
for our two nations. and to do so on afghan soil. the united states did not come here to claim resources or territory. we came with a very clear mission. we came to destroy al-qaeda. together we're now committed to replacing war with peace. >> this trip has political elements which we will discuss, and it appears that after we, quote unquote, leave in 2014 we will quote unquote stay until 2024. it is unclear how many more trips we'll withdraw by the end of 2014, and obviously some significant troops in the next decade after that. and here comes president obama to tell us what the plan is. >> good evening. from bagram air base. this outpost is more than 7,000 miles from home. but for over a decade it has been close to our hearts because here in afghanistan, more than half a million of our sons and daughters have sacrificed to protect our country. today i signed an historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries in which afghans are responsible for the security of their nation. a future in w
stability of the united states for several years. they ended up buying up crazy countries like countrywide and merrill lynch. they paid $55 million, as it was collapsing. and that company punched a $20 million hole in their balance sheet in two weeks. so those were decisions that were terrible decisions that would have been illegal based on prior law that bank america lobbied for. but when he talks about following the law he specifically is referring to the law surrounding foreclosure documentation. for several years there have been big problems, not just bank of america but at the other large banks actually following that law. there are people who are paid to robo sign documents who claim they have intimate lodge of the oh borrower's mortgage when they do not. and these have consequences for people. the banks misstated whether borrows have missed payments and the amount of money borrows owe. it's interesting when you have to confront your shareholders and insist you're following the law. >> thank you for being with us and enlightening us a little bit on how that works at shareholder meeti
of dollars in taxes to the united states government. i have paid and will continue to pay any taxes due on everything i earned while an u.s. citizen. that's a bit of a trick. he has to pay an exit tax. but that tax is much lower if he does it in september rather than before the ipo that just happened. so he saved about $67 million. by renouncing his u.s. citizenship. let me bring in the rest of the turks. number one, would you leave the country and not come back for $67 million. go. >> it depends on what the rest of my bankroll is. i mean, you said if it's my first $67 million, yeah. if it's after $4 billion, no, i'd probably pay the $67 million to stay. he's not an american by birth. now he lives in singapore. it's obviously not that important to him. >> that makes it worse. originally he grew up in brazil. but there was some threats that he might be kidnapped so he ran to the u.s. for safety. so of course when he was looking for safety, the u.s. when he was looking for justice when they screwed him out of facebook--oh the u.s. justice system, i love you. when you have to fay taxes, ru
. >> same-sex men and women should be able to get legally married in the united states. >> oh, come on. you're going start there? >> yes, i do. >> well, you know, as all of these people fall in we don't have--and michael speaks to the people at the white house--we don't have an exact beat on what goes on in the president's mind. a white house adviser to bill clinton, richard joins us today, and richard, as we welcome you to "the young turks," one of the things that i would like to know is what is happening right now? you worked with president clinton. you advised him on gay issues. what is going on right now at the white house? what are people telling the president? >> well, you know, i can't know for sure because i'm not--i'm not inside any longer, but i think that--look, the president has a long record, and a record to be proud of on gay rights. he's moving the ball forward on a lot of very important issues. we repealed the don't ask don't tell. the justice department has a much better policy on how they handle discrimination cases involving gays and lesbians. so we made a lot of progress
that you do not have to be scared as president of the united states. >> i have read about him. he is an arab. >> no ma'am, he is a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. ♪ >> why doesn't he show a birth certificate? he may have one, but there is something on there, maybe religion, maybe it says he is a muslim -- >> why is mitt romney throwing a party with donald trump to raise money. >> as i said -- you know, mitt romney has made it clear that this is not an issue for him. >> a candidate can't be responsible for everything that their supporters say. >> i really became friendly with mitt romney . . . ♪ >> you're fired. >> that's what mitt romney should be telling donald trump, but he is not. you saw the comparison to mccain who was classy in the 2008 campaign. donald trump tweeted out: oh, okay. donald. so the question is, is it good politics or bad politics for mitt romney to be going down this road. to help us answer that question we're bring in two excellent guests. first of all, we have lizz winstead in the house. hi.
. this is orwellian stuff. the united states does not do that. >> well, we do. >> we do now. partly thanks to jose ruderies rodriguez who had no experience in counter terrorism. after 911 volunteered to go to that department, and dick cheney said fantastic, i got a guy who wants to do torture, and rodriguez said he was the one who pushed for enhanced interrogation techniques in the first place. did it work? listen to what did he to khalid sheikh mohammed. >> this is an individual who did not give a rat's ass for pouring hot water on his face. >> he didn't believe for one minute that you were going to kill him. >> khalid sheikh mohammed would count his fingers in secondses because he knew in all likelihood we would stop at ten. this does not sound like a person who is afraid of dying. >> i think i'm the only guy in the media who is calling in former agent stupid. he just told you the guy doesn't give a rat's ass about being water-boarded. we did it for 183 times. so why did you do it for 183. he didn't get any good information out of it. let me show you all the things they did to khalid sheikh moha
freedom in a bahsian of freedom, a embassy of the united states of america. our embassy failed to put in place the verifying measures that would ensure the safety of mr. chen and his family. if these are true this is a dark day for freedom. >> we can sit and joke about laugh about how this feels like it is a long time ago. but the fact of the matter is when you look at mitt romney first of all would put in his cabinet, but the people advising today all you see is neo-cons. more than 70% of the advisors came from bush. many hail from the the wing that. >> the spoke persons during the post invasion period of iraq. think most embarrassing foreign policies, he is advising mitt romney. >> john bolton. listen to what he said. and this is the person that mitt romney is relying on for foreign policy advice. here is john bolton. >> like the chinese military buildup, like the chinese increase in take nuclear and ballistic forces which we're not answering, we need national mice ill defense, which the obama administration has done everything they could to scuttle. and was one
way because he is an enemy of the united states. he is affiliateed with al-qaida. there are attacks affiliated with him. but the key question to make it legal, that's the question that should be little gated, is that true that it was the only way to get him. if it wasn't, he, despite the horrible things he has done, deserved due process. i'm glad he's gone but we need to exam the leaguety legality of this sort of thing. >> cenk: in your book, one quote that i love, the president told you, russ, i'm always with you just six months later. when did he say that, and in what context, and can you hurry up and talk to the president so he can with you six months from now? >> i'm a big fan of president obama. i'm co-chair of his re-election campaign. i think he has done a great job in foreign policy. when he came to the united states senate, he and i talked frequently and i enjoyed him as first senator to propose that we have a timeline in iraq. i wanted to get out of there in 2006. so we started talking. most people didn't want to be on my bill. but then they saw a that people in iowa and n
. >> the united states, they will have somebody to fight for equal rights for them because they are our brothers and they are our sisters. >> in 2008 our country elected a leader who not only acknowledged the lbgt community but embraced it. >> i'm here with you in that fight. >> who counted us as friends. >> we had some bilateral talks with your leader, lady gaga. >> cenk: that's funny, and obama administration is feeling far more confident about their position on gay marriage. with new numbers coming in and they're very good. but if you're a progressive, the numbers are always very good. what the rest of the media will tell you this is a conservative country. when you ask people at the polls, they'll say that they're conservative, not liberal. but issue-by-issue bowl progresses always win. look at the new polls coming in. same-sex marriage should it be legal? 53% legal. 39% illegal. that's is a widening gap. they got to feel great with these numbers. the obama administration has got to feel great about these numbers. if you're a leader and leading this administration, look, the numbers move and
slowing down and the united states obviously isn't exactly powering ahead either. >> chris, i have a theory on this. we have talked about this in the past, i think it has a lot to do with the oil speculators, they used to make up $13 billion of the market and now they make up $30 million. speculators can drive prices up. they can also drive them down depending on the situation, and here iran i think was a large factor. if we were going to go to war with iran speculators thought i need to get in on oil before the price goes up. >> i usually agree with almost everything you say, but i slightly disagree with your emphasis on speculators. i think people investing in the oil markets make a rational decision of whether supply and demand will be in the future. if iran cuts back production that the price of oil will go up. iran certainly has played a part in that -- in what is going on but that's perfectly rational as far as i can tell. >> the [ inaudible ] with the host on this show is not allowed. and i fear we might not have disagreement. i believe driving the price
of the united states to a friend. i am now solitary and alone, he says, having no companion in the house with me. i have gone awooing to several gentlemen but have not succeeded with any of them. this is after his long-time friend that he lived with william rufus king had gone on to france. okay? and evidence number 2, also part of the letter: i feel that it is not good for the man to be alone: and should not be astonished if i, myself, married to some old maid who can nurse me when i am sick, provide good dinners for me when i am well and not expect from me any very ardent or rowmantic affection. how do you counter. >> i would say the way the people spoke in those days first of all, buchanan lived with a woman. also, which is appropriate, buchanan turned down a position on the supreme court, which i think that we are now assembled as a supreme court is important. but the way the people wrote, john adams writing to thomas jefferson, intimate contact and corespondenses with you is one of the most agreeable events of my life. people spoke differently then.
are doing this but in the united states, in in the you're europe union you're seeing big businesses funding members of congress or members of their government in order to allow them to continue overfishing and there really is a fishing industrial complex where they're making a tremendous amount of money and they're thinking about the bottom line. they're not thinking about the fact that we're getting rid of entire species of fish. let me give a quote. we're essentially consuming the equivalent of one and a half earths each year. this is possible because we borrow from the future as is the case with fish. one day the world's fish population may collapse. >> cenk: man we've never won a wore more convincingly. i wish we won the war on drugs like this. >> in the journal of science, in 50 years we've reduced the populations of commercial fish such as blue fin tuna and cod by 90%. by 2048, all fish stock will collapse. >> every day i learn something depressing on this show. [chuckling] seriously, i never thought about it but the minute i heard about fishing industrial complex $30 billion a year i
of hash tags creating a trending topic it was tweeting just today. yes, the president of the united states just boasted about having made a hash tag a trending topic on twitter. you hear the president here at the university of north carolina talking about it. >> i'm going going to repeat that. the hash tag is, don't double my rate. you tweet--say it so everyone remembers. don't double my rate. it's pretty important. your voice matters. >> the hash tag no longer matters. we asked for some of your hash tags. we got some great ones back. tax the rich. get money out. war on women. stop starting wars over money. these are hash tags that we want the obama administration to use. restore the fourth amendment. poverty is a moral issue. poverty the new 1%. money out of politics. so it all came down to money for what they want the message--the obama campaign. michael hastings. >> dial back the drunks, hash tag that. >> there is no room left for your tweet.
, and they have one goal in mind and that's destroy western civilization particularly the united states. we can have all of the drones we want, and that are so effective, the fact is, though al-qaeda will find other ways and we have to constantly stay with them and ahead of them. >> this is a story we have all been talking about over the weekend. does this mean this was all a fiction, and these bad guys were really bad guys and we just got in there? >> we'll see how it all plays out. right now it seems like it was one of those -- almost entrapment plots. the key will be two came up with the idea to bomb the plane. i think the larger question here is drones is that this is going to be used as justification as to why we need explan the drone program in yesmen. we were looking at the numbers today about the u.s. drone fumbles. there were a few individuals, those first two gentlemen we claimed we killed a number of times, and that last guy -- we would say we killed the guy, but we didn't know what we were talking about, but now we killed them. that last guy was a politician who
. [chuckling] he has achieved that position again as president of united states of america a little more important, and then we get headlines and covers like this on "newsweek" the first gay president, okay? and apparently that's what they're dubbing him. they have what is called the "gay-lo" above his head. i'm not sure that he has earned it, but he talks about the fight for civil rights. and he did that today in in a commencement speech. >> young folks who stood up and stood up and sat in just did not do it for themselves. they did it for other people. that's how we achieved women's rights. that's how we achieved voting rights. that's how we achieveed workers user. rights. that's how we achieved gay rights. this is how we made this union more perfect. >> after the majority of americans were clearly already on that side. then i have changed my position again to get back to the same place i was 16 years ago. am i being a little cynical here? well, let me show you the polls. now 54% of the gallup poll says same sex relationship are more morally acceptable. thank you for accepting somethin
of the united states making a statement like this. they were slower coming to this issue if you believe polling, and then they pushes it a little bit. when you look to leadership. he's not going to make it legislation. he won't make it legal in all 50 states. >> maybe that's a leadership dunk. it's not like there is this group as we talk about black folks in america that just don't have any--any acceptance of gay people. there is a mindset. it's just not said, talked about as much. the leadership comes from someone who is out there and has that kind of megaphone to say something. and what everyone was kind of believing and really didn't have a hardcore opinion against in the first place, yeah, sure. >> it's easier to move them if they're not committed to that issue in the first place. >> cenk: it's not just--it has a domino effect. because then you see jay-z come out. do you think he would have come out of nowhere? >> well, maybe. >> well, reports reporters would not have asked jay-z this question until president obama came out in the news. someone who is as prominent as jay-z, but going back t
more motivated to attack us now inside the united states. how are these drone strikes strikes working? and here is press tv talking about, again, some of the civilian damage that's done. >> reporter: the aftermath of a u.s. drone attack in yemen's province. locals dispute and say the victims were innocent civilians. >> last night at half past 8:00 in the evening, americans killed 17 innocent people who did not deserve to die. >> now you see people speaking there that are from yemen and are angry. our guys won't show the civilians on the ground. are you the press, or are you not the press? are you going to do your job or not do the job? and credit the "washington post" for running this story, and i want to give you one more quote that i think is devastating. when they talk to a local about why he now sympathizes more with al-qaeda he said this: i want to ask you, if somebody killed your nephew that wasn't doing anything or your son or mom or grandmother? what would you do? i know i would want to fight. if they came into the middle of springfield, missouri an
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)